Friday, April 1, 2011

Tips When to Shut Down, Hibernate or Sleep Our Computer

When laptop computers seem to be more handy and equally priced as that of desktop computers (sometimes, laptop may be cheaper too), they come abound for most people but just like any ordinary people, I get to wonder what is wiser to do for my laptop, so, when a Yahoo article through Fred Peters, president of Huntington Beach IT Services, advices on what should be done to extend the battery life and to save energy costs, the article sums up to the following tips:

  • If you need to use your PC more often, it is rather wiser to let the laptop sleep since it is easier to have it operate again rather than wait from a shut - down mode;
  • It won't wear off our laptop to shut it down and start it again. It would rather save energy to keep it totally off than to keep it running unattended;
  • Let our laptop's battery drain daily rather than charge it to the power outlet. You extend the bionic life of your battery;
  • Turn off paraphernalia devices (e.g. printer, scanner, camera) if not in use, they consume additional watts;
  • LCD monitors consume less time and if you don't need high - end video cards, dispose them instead as they use higher watts' consumption. Desktop computers use higher wattage consumption too over laptops.
  •  Adjust your setting to hibernate after few minutes of inactivity and shut down at the end of the day. 

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