Friday, May 27, 2011

Boost Your Personality

Statistics says that summer and semestral breaks are periods when job seekers are greater in number because of  fresh graduates from school. And, when they are fresh from school and without any job experience to boost, newbie job seekers may bear anxiety and poor self - esteem when  they scout for their ideal work or any job they seek.

While job seekers hold on to their resumes and academic records and professional trainings, still, job experts say that personality matters. Thus, you can acquire the following practical tips to give you an extra edge to win that interview and finally, that dream job.

  1. Improve your communication skills. If you were able to get your employer's attention through your impressive resume, your next goal is to go through the most difficult phase of job application, the job interview. Thus, improve your communication skills through self - study or formal training to harness your oral, listening and writing skills. Improve your grammar and comprehension skills because that is the only way you can be comprehended and to get your thoughts well understood.
  2. Improve your physical appearance and fashion taste.  There are rules as to wearing the most decent job interview and job suits. While there can be company dress codes, it is wiser to heed them than risking your ideal job. Wear  thigh high compression stocking  if you must to complement your office suit and wear colors that can complement your skin tone too. With classy and elegant accessories, you can quite boost your self - esteem too. 
  3. Harness your people skills. It is not enough that you are the master of your craft because reality is, you have to work with people, your boss,colleagues or eventually your subordinates. So, deal with well with respect and dignity because people will gladly work with you and help you achieve your goals. 

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