Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enrich Summer with Outdoor Fun

The summer is still at its peak and the local governments have instituted various summer programs for students and Out - of - School Youth. Specifically, in Zamboanga City, their Sports Program includes various activities for the locals during the entire month of May. My friend and I managed to enroll our youngsters to martial arts session to make their time worthwhile. These events along with other sports activities like basketball, volleyball are only among the few sports offered to any school - age youngster.

But, not only the young can make their summer more fun, the adult can also enjoy the heat if they  explore various adventures like swimming, diving and  chirp outdoor adventures    to name a  few.  

We always have the choice to make our summer vacation worthwhile, and even if it would mean, a lazy afternoon with a good book, or a training of a new skill, the bottom line is to have fun.

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