Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Pass Major Exams

Classes are almost over and the dreaded exams can  only be anticipated. While most students  see exams as their nemesis, exams can be a good medium to determine a student's general performance and his study habits.   No exams are easy or difficult if they are met with right preparations.

My long years of teaching and studying and earning good grades made me analyzed what makes a student pass his major exams.  I can list the following experience - proven techniques:

  1. Study ahead of time not just one day or much more one hour before your examination schedules;
  2. Prepare a schedule as to what subject must be studied  first and for how long.  Spend more time on more difficult subjects.
  3. Prepare an outline for what you have read and review them;
  4. Prepare a mock test questionnaire to assess your preparedness.
  5. Relax during examination day otherwise you let your fear block all your preparation and drain it to waste.

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