Friday, May 27, 2011

Learning to Drive

When one drives a bicycle for recreational purpose or otherwise, some countries have  free - hand rules about bike driving but when one drives professionally on a vehicle directed by government road agencies like ours, the Land Transportation Office, the rules can be quite different.

Thus, when our driving means  steering a motorbike, car, or truck for that matter, we have to secure a Driver's License. So, your country  or state does have its prescribed rules as to legitimate driving. Filipinos, on the other hand, have the following basic  requirements before securing a non - professional or professional driver's license:

  • must be physically fit;
  • not a drug addict;
  • of legal age;
  • accomplished driver's license forms;
  • required payments and other supporting documents;
  • passed the driving exams;
  • able to read and write;

Unfortunately, not all traffic rules, policies, and regulations are observed. Thus, it is not surprising that road accidents and incidents happen quite frequently. 

In USA, drivers quite observe policies and requirements before securing their driver's license. Best of all, they get  the best  San Diego DWI Defense    lawyers   to resolve road penalties and issues. 

It is then socially and technically important that when individuals get their driver's license, they become responsible drivers, so, to prevent any road mishaps or accidents that may cause lives or property damages. 

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