Sunday, May 22, 2011

Parents - Teachers: Leading a Healthy Life

with other racers

On my second time to join a fun run, we traversed a muddy, and rocky mountain trail covering 10km from the mountain's foot to the hill's peak, then, back to where the race started.

I came practically late for the warm - up but what pleased me more was the vision of mid - school and elementary students who would join the race along with their parents or guardians.

Being healthy is an individual obligation but when parents lead a good model as to staying healthy, they influence their offspring to lead a healthy life too. They can lose weights through cosmetic surgery or other medical options. But, it is quite imperative that they secure their physician's approval before they go through any weight - loss program and / or read  weight loss reviews like on  cissus quadrangularis side effects  to make better judgment.

With various lifestyle diseases on the loose, we can only be proactive as to how we should lead our life.

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