Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Schools and Other Entities Joined Labor Day Fun Run

with the youngest racers for 1.76 km
the finish line that every racer had to aim

I have been running regularly to stay fit and healthy but what can be more fun in running other than running with family and friends. So, to join the local project of General Santos Police District, my sibling and I, enlisted ourselves to a 3KM race around city's major roads. 

There were over a hundred racers from the the police interns, private and government individuals who swarmed the city early morning of May 1. 

So, after hard sweat and drained legs, we reached the finish line with delight and pride. We shall, then, anticipate the next fun run for BIO - DIVERSIY to Nopol Hill where 10KM of route shall be covered. Until then, I have to accelerate the rounds I have  to cover every jogging session.

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