Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tips to Choosing the Best Student Dormitory

Now that the new academic year is almost coming, students in all year levels and schools begin their enrollment. Lucky for students who have a residence within their school premises, other students simply have to search for dormitories and boarding houses for sanctuary.

So, when you are in search for a student dormitory, assess the potential dormitory through the following criteria:

PRICE. Some dormitories are expensive because of the amenities, accessibility they offer. Thus, if by your budget and calculations,the price is justified, then, the place can be a viable option;

SAFETY. Consider your potential dormitory for safety plans and safety measures, if they fall short or lack the necessary safety equipment and plans, drop this dormitory.

EASE AND AESTHETICS. We all want a comfortable, clean and pleasing dormitory with adequate basic amenities like lights and water, cool / heat systems like a fireplace  with   fireplace mantel designs   to boot. The physical order  can quite calm a stressful day or mood.

ACCESSIBILITY. For a student budget, a safe, accessible and affordable place can be a very appealing option.

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