Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Value of Being Earnest

We are practically done with our mid - summer class and grades for   midterm are already submitted to the school heads for record and assessment. While  I quite try my best to make a very technical subject simplified, I find it stressful that students still fail.

But, failing the subject is not merely from doing poorly from the exams, it also encompasses many things and to that all, is the regular attendance of students to mos classes if not all.

Schooling can either be fun or hell  depending on how students perceive this institution. But, there is   practically no easy way to earning a degree ( unless you fake your documents).   But, earning the degree would mean acquiring not only  the technical and / or academic skills but learning positive characters too like perseverance, integrity, hard work, service and faith.   These traits among the many inter - personal and personal attributes can help students  to become better employees and members of the society.  

So, teachers, students and even parents must take serious care on enforcing EQ among themselves and especially to the young ones because that will define how they perceive life and their society.

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