Sunday, May 22, 2011

When Parttime Work Builds a Student

My parents quite taught us the meaning of hard work and integrity and since we are not hailed from an elite family, we  are oftentimes short in many ways.  So, I began getting a job or two for added allowance and the job covered teaching / tutorial, encoder, cashier and small - scale business. And, with job and work to hurdle through, I could only endure the physical strain.

So, I quite laud working students who manage to balance work and schooling. Oftentimes,  I see them in service crew, gym instructor, or operator for equipment like  honda lawnmower  to name a few.

While there are different motivations why students work when they are in school, the bottom line is the fact that their works and the demands and environment they entail can quite influence students. ..

In conclusion, work or none, students must be able to live out strong values of hard work, commitment and integrity among others to thrive and recognize.

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