Friday, June 17, 2011

Beware: Alarming Identity Theft

While it is fun that everything else is done and made online, this very technology is used by online thefts and hackers to trigger viral spams to personal and company mails and networks. While a typical spam mail can be harmless, there are evidences that these spam mails contain malicious links that may only expose your network or personal computer to hardware and software bugs like virus and / or malware.

But, what causes an equal alarming stir is the increasing number of identity thefts that normally occur in social networks like Facebook. Information about personal profile and families only expose these innocent individuals to fraudelent acts like scam trade and selling among others.

Identity theft is a serious criminal and civil crime that we can only be more vigilant. Thus, it is smarter to the know the possibilities of identity theft and acquire necessary   identity theft protection using an efficient and effective provider like IdentityHawk for 100% protection.

Being smart and proactive gives a viable protection from any malicious motive online or offline. So, now that we know, we are vulnerable, we can be more careful and responsible of what information we provide online.

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