Friday, June 10, 2011

Eyeglasses among Students and Faculty

My eyes have been strained even since when I was still in college and my academic program of Computer Science only worsened my visual faculty that I was advised to wear eyeglasses.  However, restraint and discomfort simply made me forget my eye glasses until my vision gets worse because of my teaching and programming jobs. 

Now, I have to wear corrective eyeglasses to stabilize my poor vision and sunglasses to protect me from UV rays among others.   I have  to, however, find  wider and bigger  cheap sunglasses    that are fashionable but are also vision friendly.   I heard sunglasses can be customized too for people who have impaired vision. 

It is quite typical that restrained vision can be felt among school individuals but  with medical attention, poor vision can still be addressed.

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