Friday, June 17, 2011

Have Effective Study Habits

Now that classes for new school year have started again, teachers and students can only be swarmed with papers to make and check and exams to study for.

This school year can be another year of toil for most students but those who have prior records of grade failures, they can only do better to keep their course otherwise they may be enduring longer years to complete their academic program.

But, they can have the following study habits to make their grades better:

  • get a course syllabus and course outline for personal readings;
  • attend classes regularly;
  • have recreational ways to de - stress like joining an afternoon Yoga, occasional drinking or smoking cigars   with friends;  
  • have a strict schedule plans for exams and project deadlines;
  • study with friends who equally prioritize schooling;
  • attend to school - aid interventions like counseling if needed;
  • have a goal for grades; 
  • take a healthy diet and sleeping schemes; 

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