Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Handle School Anxiety

Every graduation means a new beginning when students enter high school or college and it is quite normal when freshmen students experience mixed emotions of thrill, anxiety, eagerness to name a few.

It is quite important then that  students and school personnel handle students' perceptions and behavior, so, proper actions can be done. Issues like harsh behavior, social pressures or poor performance can be collectively  assessed by parents and school personnel requiring support systems like counselling.

It is then important that before students  choose a particular school or program, they should be properly informed and exposed to the environment through open house invitation and reviews. It can also help if freshmen are assisted by welcoming school peer facilitators or admission personnel, so, they are not lost with procedures  among others.   More importantly, freshmen have familiar buddies from old school, so, they can be more comfortable and trusting.

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