Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Your Learning and Teaching Fun

I am way passed my 30's and still counting and have been teaching IT for over a decade while I am used to teaching loads, I still have my moments when I feel drained, stressed and sometimes pissed off from everything.

And, since I can't do anything else with the workloads, I can only find time to detoxify my stress and get energized again.

So, if you are feeling all so strained from work and / or family work loads, here are some ways to make your time fun but worthwhile:

  • studying for exams or checking school papers but listening from your music player like ipod touch 3rd gen   for some good songs; 
  • muscle stretching while attending to office phone calls or heading to a meeting;
  • taking a breathing exercise while waiting for your boss or students to finish their classroom works;
  • enjoying the view while contemplating. 
Irregardless of what we do, it is imperative that we make each time fun and stress - free, otherwise, each day shall be as equally depressing as the other day and you can only wish, you are out of work or gone to other planet for a whole break.

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