Monday, July 11, 2011

Colleges and Universities Hold Acquaintance Party

It has been a tradition and required event to hold a get – together party to know the rest of the studentry enrolled in a department and to get acquainted with the rest of the school personnel. So, when the new school year starts, strings of parties are actually scheduled among different colleges and universities nationwide.

My school - employer, STI – Gensan, shall hold our Acquaintance Party this late July but since the date will fall on a night run race, I have to however be late for the party to enjoy my passion for running. I have to however run alone as my co – teachers shall opt to join the party instead.

I can only be more happy that I get to have closer buddies in my school and running had made that possible. I can only wish we can do other recreational activities like beach fun with fancy  tan towel   to boot.

So, this month shall be a busy one for exams and parties and I am pretty sure, everyone can only be happier of the change.

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