Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enforce Your Teaching

My present teaching loads for the first semester have been quite cumbersome as I handle Operations Research for five (5) IT and Computer Science junior college students and Theory of Automata and Computation for the other Computer Science students.  

Since I have all my subject loadings cramped in Monday - Wednesday - Friday schedules, I have to talk for straight 6 hours per day that at the end of  all my classes, I could only feel beaten.

It could have  helped me if we have available multimedia projector and computer or computer with big TV on  widescreen furniture   to aid the instruction.

When teachers only use the conventional lecture medium to teach, students are most of the time bored and idle. However, if there are multimedia instructions, the works of the teachers are lighter and students get to learn more.

If only schools can allocate technology resources for each classroom, teaching can be quite easy and comfortable.

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