Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have Good Study Habits

Schooling in any level is never easy; in fact, if without the right discipline and good study habits, students can't possibly make through without difficulty.

So, if you want to have those high grades or at least have passing marks, you can try these practical tips:

  • Find time, an hour or two, to review the subject matter discussed for the day. Review any doubt or enforce the learning through added inputs from other sources;
  • Go through the subject outline ahead of time to prepare you;
  • Make and submit requirements as early possible to devote exam hours for review and time for relaxation;
  • Stay with friends who have equal motivation about schooling that way you can be more inspired to study;
  • Find time to relax when necessary to get you re - boosted;
  • Create outlines for your reading, so, it would be easier to review on them for exams.
With the right discipline and intrinsic motivation, earning good marks can be achievable. 

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