Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Make Teaching Easy

Teaching for over a decade has made me more adept and flexible in practically teaching programming, business and management subjects along with technical writing and system analysis and design.

However, my teaching load for first semester caught me off – guard as I handle Operations Research and Theory of Computation for computer undergraduates. The new workload becomes more difficult as I spend my time completing my masteral studies in IT and working on required programming works.

So, to make teaching difficult subjects easier, I make a research of what is to be taught from online and offline resources and make use of multimedia technology including  lcd tvs samsung   to maximize my teaching time and spend more on the details instead of just writing endless stuffs on the board.

There are also occasions that I have to seek the inputs of other teachers who have expertise on the topic, so, as to support my limited knowledge.
Teaching is indeed a difficult job but having the right motivation of helping young minds and getting the right support systems, it can be a one fulfilling career.

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