Thursday, July 28, 2011

Professor, Find Time to Relax

The title can be a total understatement but quite powerful to most of us teachers who have to endure endless test papers, lectures, projects among others.

But, since I only teach parttime, I should have a more flexible time at my disposal however, my choice to resume my masteral schooling in IT had cramped my free hours into nil. Now, I have to squeeze my 24/7 to teaching 18 - hours a week, masteral schooling on Saturdays, lecture preparations every other day, running in the morning, and programming in late evening. I could only breath now because my first masteral subject is already done and we are only starting with our second subject.

Since, I was absent from my masteral class last weekend, I had to cope with missed lessons and could only wish that I can still make through.

Somehow, my running becomes my de - stressor and my time in between job and home could help me slow down and get my momentum again.

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