Monday, July 11, 2011

Teacher / Programmer / Entrepreneur / Blogger / Student / Runner Plus . . .

In my 34 years, I have played different roles but my current year is quite filled as I lead different roles and duties while I say 24 / 7 is never really enough, I somehow manage to make use of my time to blog and run as part of my anti – stress mechanisms.

Since I pursued my masteral studies again in IT, my duty as entrepreneur gets a downside. In fact, the business shall turn one year old this month but I fail to start a Thank – You promo for our valued clients. I wish to have balloons and flowers along with   anniversary gift baskets    to complete the fun.

I just have to delegate the job to my sister since I am all consumed with my other duties. I still have a pending exam next weekend and a database program to complete in two weeks and a race to complete the toil.
But, I shall never lead my life the other way because in spite of the busy and limited time, I have fun with friends and family.

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