Friday, September 16, 2011

Practical Tips to Top Exams

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The new school term is finally over and most schools are up in their term exams. While it has been awhile since college days, I quite say earning good scores from exams can’t be that difficult.

My personal experiences from earning straight A’s or flat 1.00’s are through the following:

  • Have a regular study habits;
  • Hang out with friends who value education more than leisure activities;
  • Work on school requirements earlier than their deadlines;
  • Earn aggregated good scores from other classroom activities like projects, recitations, school papers and short exams.
  • Pamper yourself from hard work after an exam or two, casual drinking, partying or Zyngle free dating online will give a boost and recharge;
  • Have good intrinsic motivation for earning good grades.

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