Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Exam Proctoring Tips

Once you  work in a school, it is an ordinary job function to proctor exams and while this proctoring can be quite idle time  compared to checking papers or reading, proctoring is simply a duty to perform.

But, you can make your proctoring less boring but still effective. You can try these practical tips:

  • Bring a music player with your fave music to listen to while keeping your eyes sharp against naughty students trying  to cheat;
  • Do stretching while walking through students' pathways;
  • Check  on easy - to - check papers;
  • Record test papers while in between glancing on your examinees;
  • Reading the newspaper while being vigilant.
Depending on your school policies on proctoring, you will simply make the proctoring time ends swiftly.

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