Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Avoid Project Defense Pitfalls

The semester is almost over and it is only expected that final exams, clearances and final requirements are due to be submitted and complied, so, as to enjoy a more relaxed semestral break.

But, one of  the dreaded final requirements is the need for project panel defenses. And, since I am into IT education, it is quite normal for me to conduct panel defense or be a member of the panel committee. Typically, the following are the common  pitfalls of students which you can avoid:
  • not well dressed ( make sure you follow the dress code required for panel defense, so, to avoid embarrassment);
  • project documentation is not well proof - read, presentable;
  • project is not tested and/or secured or well validated;
  •  project paraphernalia like  laserjet ink cartridges   are not present or dysfunctional;
  • low self - esteem about the project.
  • poor communication skills.
  • less - researched project.

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