Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Avoid Sea Sickness

We recently traveled from Cebu to Bohol through a small ferry boat for two hours. And, while the waters seemed clear, it had a few turbulent ride and when you are too prone to sea sickness, you can only find a way to avoid or reduce the discomfort.

Try the following tips:

  1. Take motion sickness medicines or patches like Bonamine or bonine but make sure that you are not at all allergic to any of these. Some of the motion sickness medicines may cause drowsiness, so, read the effects if they fit your requirement.
  2. Stay at the least - moving area like at the aisle of the plane or at the lower level of the ship;
  3. Open a car window or take fresh air;
  4. Avoid unlikely food before or during the trip to reduce risks;
  5. Do not read while traveling;
  6. Sit at the forward direction;
  7. Eat light food like soda crackers to reduce your stomach's acidity;
  8. Drink lots of liquid; a club soda is a good stomach neutralizer.

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