Thursday, October 13, 2011

Teachers, Play and Work

Some say, I am superwoman because of the multi - tasks and roles that I do and that include  being a runner, mother, wife, blogger, programmer, teacher, entrepreneur, and student. And all these roles indeed require time and responsibility. Indeed, 24/7 is not enough for me; in fact, sleeping for eight (8) hours is already a privilege.

But, one thing I learn  from life is that when I am all work, I become sluggish, less-productive and moody to name a few. So, I consume my breaks from work  through running, movie marathons, and parties with friends.

So, if your job is teaching which is quite burdensome with all paperworks or simply any job that can be quite stressful physically or mentally, then, find time to play. You can go racing, or simply touring with  Polaris Ranger Accessories   or just hang out with friends and loved ones.

Work is just a way to earn and live not your end to stress. So, work hard but play harder!

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