Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teacher’s Run for Health

with City Police Director and Tracking Field Sports Regional Director and 3KM female category winners

In spite of my graduate school final exam in one of the hardest subjects, I managed to run for 3KM just to sustain my passion for running and for advocating ideal causes. So, last October 16, deprived from sleep and consumed with fatigue from school and everything else, I had to wake up around 5am and head to my sibling’s house, so, we could join the Run for Health (Takbo Para sa Kalusugan).

Although I am used to running 5km – 10 km, I had to degrade my distance to 3km just to finish the race early and travel to my graduate school which is one hour bus drive.

I had to skip my regular breakfast and just used my travel time to review and to recall all the notes that I studied and endured.

The day had gone successfully since I won 3rd place from the run and I passed my exams while majority of the class failed. Indeed, hard work only pays off.

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