Monday, October 24, 2011

Teaching Your Kids Boosts School Performance

When students excel in school,  it can't be all attributed to the teacher's ability to teach her or his students and to excel. In fact, excellence covers intrinsic motivation of the individuals to succeed. More importantly, if the learning environment  provides the best medium for learning, then, students can excel without much difficulty.

Very typical myth among parents is that learning should just be at home that the teachers have the sole responsibility to teach the students what they should learn technically, morally and physically.

But, parents have equal responsibility to help teachers teach the young ones  because if values and learnings are not encouraged at home, then, school can't do much.

So, if your mom or dad has helped you to do your school requirements or guide you through your exams, then, they only deserve your gratitude. You can  send dad these goodies his birthday    or  for your mom's to  make your  folks delighted and appreciated.

Learning is not only  about the academics but also developing our character.

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