Monday, October 24, 2011

Travel Tips for Your Educational Tour

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It is not unusual when you or your students suffer from travel discomfort and while it can be expected, you can only prepare to at least prevent the travel discomfort or reduce the discomfort.

So, from experience and readings, you can try the following practical tips:

  1. Travel lightly. Buy your toiletries when you arrive your destination. If you are lucky, your hotel can have free toiletries;  Wear your heavy clothes so not to occupy some spaces in your luggage.
  2. Prepare or take travel motion illness medicines or other  expected illness like headache.
  3. Prepare your itinerary ahead of time. If you have a local friend or have hired an agency, then, the task can be lighter;
  4. Know the culture and history of the place, so, you wont be scammed and better appreciate the place;
  5. Bring an updated map. You can get this online  or buy one from a bookstore.
  6. Enjoy the new experience - food, traditions, rides, tourist spots.  

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