Sunday, December 25, 2011

Criteria for Best Web Hosting Services

I recently made a new website for another personal passion, running. And, since we shall have a fun run to host as part of the city's celebration of Kalilangan, I personally decided to create a website intended for online race registration and a portal for running articles among others.

But, to make the website more effective and efficient, I need a web hosting service provider to make the site available with all the features needed to make it more interactive, thus, the need for CPanel and Email to name a few.

We can  find free  web hosting service provider but since hosting is free, we can assume that the free web hosting is integrated with endless and uncontrolled advertisements from other support parties.  To address this, we can purchase the best  commercialized web hosting to provide our needed features and services at reasonable rates.

So, when  you need to find web hosting, you can look for the  following criteria:

1. Price

Different web hosting services provide cheap or expensive services but their price can be justified by their features (e.g speed, domain, customer service, reliability,  overall performance, bandwidth). So, look for services that meet your needs and the price can be appropriately justified.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data/information transferred over a period of time. Some web hosting providers give a limit on the bandwidth that if your website and all the attached pages have exceeded the bandwidth allotment, your website shall be inaccessible to your viewers. So, go for unlimited bandwidth requirement if your website is loaded with information including media types.

3. Space

Bigger space means more files to store but this is relative to price. So, go only for the space you need. For a personal website, a small amount of space shall suffice.

4. Customer Service

Does your web hosting provider 24/7 technical support? Imagine if you encounter problems on a Friday or during the evening, you just have to wait for the morning or Monday to come to help you with your website hosting  problems.

5. Other Features (email, control panel, domain, FTP, etc.)

Depending on your needs, you can look for a web hosting provider that offer other features including email account, CPanel, multiple domains and sub - domains, FTP, shopping cart, MySQL,  telnet to name a few.

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