Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Schools Enjoy Holiday Vacation

This week seems to be the last week in December for schools to hold classes and  while some schools commence the year with a term exam, other schools would have to set their examinations after the two - week holiday vacation.

The young kids at home shall have their third quarter exam when the get back in January while my school just concluded with their Prelims exams.

So, to make the vacation and holiday celebration worthwhile and accident - free, make sure that your holiday decors are of quality and safety standards. And, since December is oftentimes swarmed with rainfalls among others, we can only be more careful, so, protect your home and cars with  whispbar roof racks at   and buy only safe fireworks  for New Year's eve.

Have a safe and happy vacation dear students and teachers!  See you all next year!

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