Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Schools, Government Agencies Plus More for Typhoon Sendong Victims

photo source: GSCPO Facebook Page

The Typhoon Sendong in early December caused an alarming havoc in Northern Mindanao where to date, more than 1000 are dead with hundreds more are missing and injured. And, it is in this moment of  tragedy that the entire nation grieves and supports the victims.

So, help from the unaffected areas, schools, NGOs, government agencies and business establishments,  nationwide including the Filipino communities abroad and other symphatizing countried have given their resources to help  the  affected 29 municipalities, 278 barangays and 53,240 families (161,437 persons) as reported by Red Cross.

While help has been pouring, the victims are still in need of food, medicines, water, beddings among others. So, if you like to donate, you can course through DSWD centers, LBC and Red Cross. You can also coordinate with your government agencies as to where you can drop your donations.

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