Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Schools on 5S of Good Housekeeping

Late last year, our school had initiated a seminar on 5S of  good housekeeping that is based on Japanese 5 principles: seiriseitonseisoseiketsu, and shitsuke In English, they can be sort, set in order, clean standardize and sustain.

It aims to eliminate wastage and promote  order and efficiency among the  personnel and in the workplace. The principles assert that if one's workplace is cluttered, an employee becomes less productive. Thus, good housekeeping can be an efficient and effective foundation to quality management and productivity.

These 5S principles can also be applied not just in schools, offices but also at home. So, sort and segregate according to their needs and clean the area at all times, document needed stuffs and do all these practices consistently. Throw unwanted stuffs,  use  paperless office software  and above all, sort your things and place them in their proper places (e.g. drawers, cabinets).

With an organized and clean table, we can practically maximize our time on more important things.

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