Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Practical Tips in Taking Your Exam

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My college students are scheduled to take their midterm exams tomorrow and it is only timely that I share some practical tips in preparing for and in taking any  exam.

1. Review ahead of time. Exam is pre - scheduled and with that knowledge of schedule, you can manage your time well and schedule your reviews.

2. Explore and review the references of your professors  normally stated in a syllabus. But, if your exam involves government exams, you can  make use of commercially - available reviews to orient you with the types and kinds of questions given.

3. Prepare an outline. With all the readings you have to take, having an outline will help you remember only the key points and not re - reading again the entire  stuffs.

4. Join study groups. If it is difficult for you to review alone, you can join study groups who can motivate you to study and even help you on difficult subject matter.

5. Take a break in between reviews. You don't have to deprive yourself from the fun. So, take a break to recharge.

6. During examination, relax.  It is not unusual that you tend to panic when you see your test questionnaire but proper mindset and relaxed breathing can help you reduce your tension. When you have prepared for the test, you can simply overcome your panic.

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