Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is slated every March or April across the entire schools in the Philippines. And, while this school year - end ceremony may be scheduled in other months in other places, the ceremony remains true. Graduation commences to affirm that students have successfully completed their academic requirements and are qualified for the next  academic level or employment.

So, for all the hard work of our students, they  only  deserve a reward. But, if you happen to be lost as to what to give, try the following gift ideas:

  • communication gadgets including the latest iphone 4;
  • entertainment gadgets like wii, XBOX, PSP or gameboy;
  • laptops or netbooks;
  • cash gift;
  • new wardrobe;
  • service coupons to a parlor;
  • gift coupons to a department store;
  • concert tickets;
  • travel tickets;
 Remember, you don't have to grand and lavish in your gifts if you are in tight budget. A homemade set of cookies, self - made balloons or arranged flowers shall send a message of love and pride.

So, good luck!

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