Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Prepare for Your Graduation Ceremony

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March is slated for graduation ceremonies in most schools in the Philippines and graduating students and school personnel naturally would want these ceremonies ass memorable as possible.

But, they can have a graduation  hassle - free if the graduation program was well planned and carried out well. 

To help you make your graduation rites a moment to remember, you can consider the following tips:

  • Plan with the school administration the basic details of graduation to include date, venue, graduation speaker and program;
  • Delegate specific tasks to committees including a committee on program, documentation, order and restoration, awards and certificates among others;
  • Prepare a physical layout of where graduates, parents/guests and school personnel must stay. A need for crowd control must be considered.
  • Graduating students must attend to their graduation wardrobe weeks prior to the actual graduation date;
  • An appointment with a beauty salon or any make - up artist will help you in your best look;
  • Have a hearty meal before graduation as the program may drag longer than usual;
  • For your reception, make the needed reservation;
Best of all, graduation is a happy occasion, so, make sure that you are all smiles with friends, classmates and family when a camera is on you! Congratulations, dear Graduates!

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