Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lessons Learned from the Half Marathon

my personal collage of Davao Phoenix Marathon

Last March 11, 2012 was a mental and physical test as I endured blisters from the early four kilometers of the dreaded 21km over a rolling terrain. The worn pair of socks was a total disaster that the endurance could only be tested for its depth and tenacity.

So, in spite of the pain, I just had to complete the race but lessons from it are to be considered:

1. The  trail run practices paid off and helped me run with ease over through steep and ascending routes;
2. The water and carbo loading before the run made me full and filled in spite of my colds. The water stations and cold sponge did well to alleviate our heat stings;
3. The breathing and pacing techniques were enough to finish the race in 2:36 just before the cut - off time of 3 hours;
4. Acquire a private room to rest well and early. In my wish to have fun and to save economically, we stayed in a group room only to regret it;
5. Never try anything new  and that includes wearing the untried socks.
6. Wear heat - protection gear like sunglasses, leg and arm sleeves;
7. Bring first - aid kit like a muscle tape to protect from blisters and other chafe.

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