Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Students: Be Vigilant of Social Media

Just recently from a local news, a high school girl from a private school in Cebu City is sanctioned not to attend the graduation rites for posing "lewd" pictures of wearing two - piece swimsuit and a lighted cigarette. While this case awaits legal verdict, students and everyone else is called to be conscious as to what they post and share over a social media like Facebook and Twitter.

What seems to be a non - malicious and harmless messages and pictures shall lure contempt or misunderstanding from other parties. This proves to be true  as according to a UK Report on the technology industry, 1 out 5 bosses reject job applicants or employees based on what they post online.

High school teacher Ashley Payne was forced to resign after her principal saw her party picture holding glasses of alcohol.

While we may be too ecstatic to share our pictures with others over social media, we are enjoined to be cautious because the net is simply everyone's arena and your actions may warrant unwanted reaction.

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