Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tips to Managing School Requirements

The semester is about toe end and it is very likely that students and teachers cram to beat the deadlines of submitting paper works and checking them for grade computation. But, this  oftentimes a struggling scenario can be avoided if we manage our time well.

So, to avoid the rush and to produce compromised - quality requirements, you can try the following:

1. At the early start of the semester, secure from your teachers any expected project, so, you can work on them  much earlier;
2. Prioritize your activities depending on complexity and deadline. Usually, some would start on completing difficult tasks over easier ones while I personally do the easiest job, so, I can devote much time on completing the tedious jobs. Regardless of the order, the bottom line is to attend to what must be done before they are due.
3. Get a planner to log your deadlines and progress works;
4. Join a group that shares your motivation and goal.

And, when you beat the deadline, treat yourself with some gimmicks, lavish meals or souvenir accessories like Baraka chain to reward all your efforts.With right mindset and planning, school requirements can be managed with ease. 

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