Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Acquiring TESDA Certification

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority has become a strong medium for easier employment as industries in the country and abroad screen out applicants with TESDA certificates.  These certificates are intended to assess the competencies of  middle - level skilled workers through the Philippine TVET Qualification and Certification System (PTQCS).

Any one who wants to measure his or her competency skill can actually apply to any of the following:

a. Private TESDA-accredited assessment centers. The list of accredited assessment centers is uploaded in the TESDA website: www.tesda.gov.ph
b. TESDA Regional and Provincial Offices
c. TESDA TVET Institutions-Assessment Centers

An applicant must bring the following:

 a. Duly-accomplished Application Form
 b. Three (3) Passport size picture with name written at the back of each picture
 c. Duly-Accomplished Self Assessment Guide
 When an applicant has demonstrated all required competencies, then, he / she is awarded a National Certificate or a Certificate of Competency for satisfactory qualification on certain cluster or unit of competency.

To read more on TESDA Assessment and Certification, read from here the complete details from TESDA.

Reference: TESDA Assessment and Certification

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