Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Five Tips for Google Map Maker

As our way of helping tourists through news places in the Philippines and in our beloved hometown, we, the SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS supported the Google Map to identify key spots including restaurants, hospitals, malls, schools, and government institutions.

But, the advocacy has gone viral and come April 21, 2012 the entire Mindanao shall be on Google Map. And, if you are one who wish to promote Mindanao and its tourism potentials, join us and be a significant contributor to make your place known.

To make your attendance to Google Map fruitful and productive, I have reposted the  following tips from Mapping enthusiast Theo Cayambas of Sagada, Mountain Province. Read on and share.

Five Things Attendees Might Want To Do Before the Mapping Summit
1.   Create a GMail account if you don’t have one yet.  While you can activate a Google account without having to use GMail, there are extra hoops you would have to jump through to be able to use Map Maker and interact with other mappers if you do not use GMail. Go to and click on the red button labelled ‘create an account‘ or ‘sign up‘ to start creating your brand new GMail.
2.    Activate your Google Plus profile. While on GMail, click on the upper right where your name appears and then click the blue ‘Join Google+‘ or ‘activate profile‘ button on the drop down menu. It would be easier for you to exchange ideas at the Map Maker forums when you have activated your public profile. You could also exchange ideas with other mappers on Google Plus without having to divulge to everyone your email address.
3.    Activate your Google Places nickname. You gain credibility on Map Maker when you choose to identify yourself with a nickname rather than deciding to stay anonymous. It would also be easier for Expert Reviewers help you out if you have a nickname. Go to and then choose the nickname you want.
4.   Visit Google Map Maker or and watch and listen to the first tutorial.  Be sure to start pursuing your first Map Maker edits by concentrating on your very own NEIGHBORHOODS.
5.   Go back to your Google Plus account or to this–> and add the Map 4 Mindanao Page to your G+ Circles.
After you have done everything, then you are now ready for the first-ever Google Map Maker Summit Mindanao!

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