Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Job Interview 101

The torment of job search and employment begins when you start writing your resumes. Experts say that impression begins when you draft the most comprehensive and accurate resume in a two - page max.

But, once you are selected for a job interview, your real challenge begins. So, let us review what you must or must not do when you gear for your pending interview:

  • Dress appropriately. Choose only  for safe colors like black, brown or blue or anything that is not too flashy shall do the job. Avoid seductive or geeky stuffs that would make a negative impression.
  • Come on time. Be at least 15 minutes earlier than your appointed interview schedule.
  • Be confident. Your resume would tell all but affirming these data shall rely on your oral assertion. You have to overcome your anxiety and watch out for your mannerisms.
  • Research the company. You might be most likely asked how you can contribute to the company, so, do your research and evaluate how your skills can significantly contribute.
  • Be honest and be fair in your answers. Think well your answers instead of giving out rushed thoughts.
  • Leave a good impression through listening well, smiling, making eye contacts, addressing well your interviewer(s);  
A job interview requires preparation physically and mentally and with that, your skills and character shall face their total test.

 Right after your interview, remember to do your follow - up.  Good luck, job searchers!

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