Tuesday, May 29, 2012

K + 12 Program Starts in June

Pres. Ninoy Aquino has formally  launched the K + 12 education program where the 5 - year - old students shall be required to join the kindergarten in government and private institutions and the high school shall complete  additional two years before graduation.

The president cited that the Philippines is only one of the three countries worldwide who still pursue a 10 - year education program which poor quality of our graduates seemed to be blamed to.

With the reformed education program, the government is hopeful that the students shall holistically improve and be globally competitive with the rest of the world.

From recent statistics, our students poorly perform in National Aptitude Test for grade 6 and high school graduating students. Further, Phillippines ranked 34th out of 38  from the  2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS)  in HS Math and 43rd out of 46 countries in HS II Science. Moreover, the Philippines ranked the lowest in 2008 even with only the science high schools joining the Advanced Mathematics category.

This new education program however requires that the entire elementary and high school programs shall be adjusted and that includes having additional structures with the needed physical requirements like  tube bending at DFTCorp.com and academic resources like books and teachers are needed.

K+12 education program launched

A Primer on the New K-12 Philippine Education Curriculum


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