Sunday, May 6, 2012

Make Summer Vacation Productive

I happened to enjoy some workshop freebies for the recently purchased running shoes when a local store gave out some free coupons to some art workshop for kids. And, since my own son is out of town for  a long  vacation, I awarded the art coupons to my own nephew who enjoyed art than most people at home.

Summer is an ideal time to learn new skills as kids have at least  6 weeks to enjoy the school break. It is then unsurprising that local institutions initiate training and workshops for kids. These include some sports clinic like basketball, soccer or swimming to name a few and art training is not at all excluded from the list. 

You too can enjoy the school break or any vacation as you use your time to learn new skills including computer literacy, art school, fashion or cosmetics and even electronics. All these along with the need equipment, services and paraphernalia  like wire cover  can make the learning all worthwhile.

So, search through your local ads or even online for some short - course education and summer can be extra fun.

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