Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Parents: Protect Your Kids

The prevailing  occurrence  of kidnapping of babies and young kids continue to haunt parents in the Philippines as the incidents continue to happen in different parts of the country.

The most recent news include a 2 - year - old boy who was left to play just within the premises of his home early morning and was later found missing after a stranger brought the kid elsewhere.

The ailing parents then distributed the boy's picture to neighboring towns and media until a pedicab driver found the boy aimlessly wandering in a remote place.

This incident is not far from other news that include the kidnappings of newborn from hospitals that were caught in CCTV.

We, parents, are then enjoined to be more careful and vigilant of our kids. Further, this calls the communities to safeguard the premises from suspicious - looking strangers especially around kids.

It is only a relief that there are missing kids who were found and surrendered to parents and  police units and for newborns, medical testing like paternity testing   can come very handy and helpful

So, if you happen to see kids wandering on the streets, you may coordinate with  the Department of Social Welfare and Development for immediate attention. 

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