Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Solution to LCD Screen Fatigue

With social networks and white - collared workers spending more time with their  computers, eye fatigue  may not be  far from happening. And,  as a college professor / entrepreneur / programmer, I spend most of my time  before the white LCD screen.

So, I could only be glad that I come across this article about eye fatigue. Opthalmologist Dr. Joel Javier suggest the following solutions to LCD screen strain:

  • BLINK as often as possible as tears will well - lubricate the eye.
  • TAKE BREAKS  of 5 minutes for every 20 - 30 minutes of LCD viewing.
  • HYDRATE  of 8 glasses at least will hydrate the entire body including the tear ducts.
  • PROPER DIET shall mean taking the right minerals and vitamins for the body including your eyes and this includes fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  •  ADJUST MONITOR BRIGHTNESS for comfortable viewing as too much brightness will strain your eyes while low brightness will be harder for the eyes.
  • CONSULT WITH YOUR OPTHALMOLOGIST to detect eye problems and provide needed solution to avoid further eye strains. 

LCD screen fatigue? Just take a rest, says eye expert

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