Sunday, June 17, 2012

Knowing Your Body Age

From the recent run earlier, we enjoyed a free scanning of our body age including our  body fat status. Using a high - end machine, my test shows the following:

age: 35
muscle percentage:  28%   ideal:  >25%
Fat Percentage: 25.3         ideal: <25%
Viceral Fat: 3                    ideal: 3
Body Organ Age: 34         ideal:

I am younger than my biological age and I attribute that to my regular running and controlled diet. An internal medicine physician advised that I must build my muscles to improve my stats and make sure that my viceral fat remains on its limits as this can be dangerous to my overall health.

My partner however has an alarming result that his lifestyle and diet should be changed. A laboratory test is then recommended and while other weight - loss means like  can be helpful, it is wiser that our weight loss is monitored and approved by our doctor.  

 So, for those who don't have access to a special body - age weighing scale, you can try these interesting links to knowing our body age:

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