Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PNP on Police Assistance to Schools

while running along Polomolok, I saw this pair of PNP in the school premise

Now that schools are officially opened, I can't help but notice the police officers just around the school vicinity. Should I be worried with their presence? I am not but I have to commend their presence and the initiative of the PNP to provide assistance to the general public including to the school personnel and constituents.

Providing assistance to the ones who need it, may be medical or otherwise can only induce relief and trust. So, it is laudable that entities from the government or private sector makes sure that assistance is needed where they should be.

This is also true for asbestos - exposed victims and with the support group, the  mesothelioma survival rate increases.  

With the visibility of PNP, it is expected that students are protected from lawless elements.

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