Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tips to Protecting Your School Shoes

a typical school shoe ; photo source: drshoe.com.au
Now that classes are officially open, parents are faced with typical school requirements including the use of leather (or leatherette) shoes.

So, how do we basically take care of them? Here are some practical tips:

  1. Use shoe coat for that usual gloss but a much - need protection against weather and other elements like dust. With the shoe weather proofing, cleaning can be much easier.
  2. Refrain from cleaning your shoe with alcohol or damp cloth. A shoe brush, a dry pat and waterproof / weatherproof coating will do the trick;
  3. Air dry your shoe for hygiene and protection. Never put them under direct sun exposure for long hours than needed. Usually, I keep them under a  roofed area and air dry for a few days;
  4. Keep a clean pair of socks always. Never rest your used and damp socks inside your shoes, so, not to let the bacteria thrive.
  5. Be kind with your shoes. Never use them inappropriately especially on using them on a recreational activity. Your shoe will last longer.  

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