Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tips to Smart Teaching

Teachers are looked up to by many especially the students for a great source of wisdom but teachers need not just to rely on their subject content to impart holistic learning to their students. It is then required that teachers  must be academically equipped among others to earn the expected respect.

So, how do we become smart teachers? Experts suggest the following:

  1. Brain Capacity - Boosting Food. To help feed your brain, food like raw carrots, eggplant, nuts, strawberries, whole wheat bread, fish, broccoli are among the many brain food that shall give the needed fatty acids, antioxidants, and other boosters for better brain functioning.
  2. Education. Upgrade your education through acquiring higher level of education or training that shall sharpen your skills and mental faculty. 
  3. Sleep. Your brain needs recharging time. So, get enough sleep to feel recharged.
  4. Recreation. To keep you from stress, sustain a recreational activity for your complete body health.
  5. Mental Booster Activities. These shall include brain games, brainstorming or any activity that shall require you to define objects / ideas and analyze them.
  6. Healthy Lifestyle. Alcohol and drugs can restrict full brain function. So, keep your alcohol intake in moderation and stay clear from bad drugs. 
  7. Vast Reading. Reading various stuffs including  contractor liability insurance   shall give you wide - array of information that make you more confident and well - educated. So, read from all sorts of materials for more inputs.
  8. Smart Social Networks. Staying with smart friends and loved ones shall do its boost.
While GENES do have an impact on overall brain performance, the environment can be fully maximized to help us becoming smarter. 

So, happy teaching!

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